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Hello and welcome! I'm Jisun Park - artist and designer behind Everleaf Designs. I'm a native New Yorker, plant lover, wife, and new mom. 


Although I can't imagine not having a creative career anymore, in my previous life, I worked as a senior analyst crunching numbers behind a screen all day while also pursuing a PhD in Higher Education. Needless to say, it was some of the most grueling years of my life. After experiencing terrible burnout and a myriad of health issues, I decided to take a break, get my health back on track, and find something more fulfilling for my life. That's when I fell into calligraphy, art, and design and eventually launched Everleaf Designs in May 2017. 

my hope

Even though this creative path came out of a difficult time in my life, now that I look back, it's been a huge blessing in disguise. Being able to share my work with others, connect with people in a genuine way, and inspire others to do the same - these things have made it all worth it. Whether it's through a comment on Instagram or a product I send in the mail, my hope is to share that gratitude and love with each person I encounter. "Make it simple, but make it meaningful" - that's what I strive for on this journey.

my happy place

When I'm not sketching or painting, you can usually find me enjoying some of my other hobbies, which include museum-hopping, traveling, shopping for plants + home goods, and exploring new eats around the city. Some of my other favorite things? A good slice of NY pizza, quality time with my fam, long naps, and anything earl grey.


If you'd like to stay updated on my business, life, and everything in between - find me on Instagram or sign up for my newsletter below. You can also email me directly at hello@everleafdesigns.com. Can't wait to hear from you! ♡